Drama Shine Lipgloss + Velvet Matte Long-lasting Lipstick + Tip & Blend Perfect Lips Brush - (Combo Pack Offer)

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Drama Shine Lipgloss
Velvet Matte Long-lasting Lipstick Shade

The festive season is here! You want to look all glamorous and beautiful for every occasion. Choosing the right lipstick does the trick!

Face of Dee brings you the most promising combo of lip gloss, long-lasting matte liquid lipstick, and lips brush. The lipstick comes with a soft formula that glides on effortlessly to easily define and tint your lips.

The drama shine lipgloss adds that sexy shine to your tinted lips without any stickiness. Apply lipstick with precision with tip and blend lips brush to have a long-lasting smudge-free application.

Plump your pout! Make your party look more desirable and alluring with perfectly tinted, irresistible lips with sexy shine.

Benefits of Drama Shine Lip Gloss:

  • Add sexy shine lipgloss for all your summer looks!
  • Available in 2 shades.
  • That's essential we need matte lip gloss to glam those lips this season.

Benefits of Velvet Matte Long-lasting Lipstick:

  • The velvet liquid matte lipstick gives you the perfect matte finish.
  • It’s super creamy and highly pigmented.
  • It is soft and light on your lips and doesn’t make them dry.

Benefits of Lip Brush:

  • The lipstick brush comes very handy while dealing with some major make-up mistakes.
  • Helps in applying lip cosmetics with great precision.
  • Helps in preventing smudging of lipsticks or gloss.
  • It gives a long-lasting result and the lips cosmetic remains for a longer period of time.
  • It can help in blending multiple shades of lip liner with lipsticks for perfect application.
  • Lip gloss brush gives a soft, natural yet professional look to the make-up.
  • A lipstick brush with a cover gives a comfortable hold on the stick and helps in applying make-up flawlessly.
  • The lip brush with a cap keeps the lip liner brush hygienic and protected.
  • The lip liner brush is easy to clean and the lipstick brush price is very pocket-friendly.

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