Velvet Matte Long-lasting Lipstick + The Duo Blenders + Tip & Blend Perfect Lips Brush - (Combo Pack Offer)

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Valvet matte long-lasting lipstick shade

Flaunt your make-up with the best combo! Perfect make-up ends at beautiful lips with the choicest lipstick applied in the best way. And for this, you need the tools that make your lips look elegant with perfect contouring and a beauty blender for the base.

The Face of Dee Tip & Blend Perfect Lip Brush, duo blender, and velvet matte lipstick combo can help you have those perfectly filled and contoured lips making you look desirable.

Investing in this kind of combo is the wisest decision taken by any fashionista. And if you are one of those who wish to apply lipstick with precision and have a long-lasting smudge-free application, then the Face of Dee matte lipstick and lip brush with a cap is meant for you.

So, hey all you women, don’t leave your lips in a mess! Go and get the Face of Dee Tip & Blend Perfect Lip Brush, long-lasting matte lipstick, and the blender.

Benefits of Velvet Matte Long-lasting Lipstick:

  • The velvet liquid matte lipstick gives you the perfect matte finish.
  • It’s super creamy and highly pigmented.
  • It is soft and light on your lips and doesn’t make them dry.
  • Comes with a unique applicator for precise application.

Benefits of Duo Blender:

  • The best beauty blender sponge is the one you can’t see at all. This weightless beauty sponge full-coverage foundation gives you a natural look.
  • Use this beauty blender for applying your concealer, contouring your face, Blending your foundation, or any other needs for a flawless final look.

Benefits of Lip Brush:

  • The lipstick brush comes very handy while dealing with some major make-up mistakes.
  • Helps in applying lip cosmetics with great precision.
  • Helps in preventing smudging of lipsticks or gloss.
  • It gives a long-lasting result and the lips cosmetic remains for a longer period of time.
  • It can help in blending multiple shades of lip liner with lipsticks for perfect application.
  • Lip gloss brush gives a soft, natural yet professional look to the make-up.
  • A lipstick brush with a cover gives a comfortable hold on the stick and helps in applying make-up flawlessly.
  • The lip brush with a cap keeps the lip liner brush hygienic and protected.
  • The lip liner brush is easy to clean and the lipstick brush price is very pocket-friendly.

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